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Sales Alpha

Performance Lens Sales Alpha is a proprietary, regression based analytic tool that evaluates the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts - independent of investment performance - to help you improve your resource deployment and distribution coverage.

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Sales Alpha separates the impact of the distribution team (sales alpha) from investment performance and from market trends and fund size (sales beta) in both retail and institutional asset management. The Sales Alpha tool conducts detailed fund-level analyses of gross sales, redemptions, and net flow metrics that can be aggregated at the channel and company level to help identify specific opportunities to improve distribution effectiveness and stimulate faster growth.


  • Isolates out the effect of investment performance and product features to provide a systematic diagnosis of asset managers’ current and historical distribution effectiveness
  • Provides a detailed fund level analysis of sales alpha and beta for gross sales and redemptions metrics to help identify specific opportunities
  • Employs a structured process to help asset managers identify specific actions to maximize sales alpha and transform distribution

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Key features and methodology

  • Multivariable regression model incorporates data from more than 10,000 retail and institutional products
  • Model analyzes the impact of over 30 different variables, including product strategy and performance, overall market returns, fee structures, target investors, and sales and marketing spend, to identify drivers of net flow variability on investment products between 2007 and 2014
  • Delivers sales beta and sales alpha results for net flows, sales, and redemptions relative to peers at the fund or strategy level which can then be aggregated to the firm level to distill actionable insights

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